FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions about our Replacement Home Windows & Doors

Custom Made Windows For My Home?
Can we custom make Windows to a certain Dimension or design? Yes we can, all our windows are custom made to fit your home there's some applications that we can do different configurations can change things on your house if you had a picture window you wanted two double hung we can custom do that well I hope that helped if if you have any more questions please reach out to us 901-565-8500

Question: Are your products manufactured in the United States?

Answer: Yes, all of the window and door products sold and installed by The Window Source of Memphis are manufactured here in America. Our windows are custom built to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Question: Are the products sold and installed by The Window Source of Memphis Energy Star qualified?

Answer: Yes! Any of our products purchased with the Low E/Argon glass package meet Energy Star guidelines. Low E is designed to reflect radiant heat, so in the winter time it reflects your heat back into your home. Then, when warm temperatures arrive and you want to keep your house cooler, the warmth is reflected back outside. This leaves your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.


Question: What does the lifetime in lifetime warranty mean?

Answer: As long as the purchaser lives in the home, the windows are covered under the warranty. If the purchaser sells the home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owners for a small fee. This must be requested in writing within thirty days of the transfer.


Question: Will I still need storm windows?

Answer: No! With replacement windows there is no longer a need for those ugly high-maintenance storm windows. All of our double-hung replacement windows come standard with a half-screen. You can have the screen on the bottom if the bottom window sash is open or you can open the top sash and move the screen to the top. For example, if you have pets or small children you want to keep out of the screen, you can open the window from the top and still have open air. All of our other operating windows come with a built-in screen.


Question: What to look for when choosing a home replacement window company

Answer: When choosing a home replacement window company, here are a few important factors to consider:
1. Reputation: Look for a company with a strong reputation and (legit) positive customer reviews. Check online platforms and ask for recommendations from friends or family.

2. Experience: Choose a company that has ample experience in the industry. An established company is more likely to have the necessary expertise to handle your window replacement project.

3. Quality of products: Ensure that the company offers high-quality windows that are durable and well-insulated. Look for energy-efficient options that can help reduce your energy bills.

4. Customization options: Look for a company that offers a variety of window styles, sizes, and materials. This will allow you to choose windows that fit your home’s architectural style and personal preferences.

5. Pricing: Obtain (straight foward, no gimmick) quotes from multiple companies and compare their pricing. However, remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. Consider the overall value and quality and consider that expert installation is as important as the product.

6. Warranty and customer service: Check if the company provides a warranty on their products and a guarantee on their workmanship. Additionally, inquire about their customer service and after-sales support.


Question: What are some reasons to buy new replacement home windows:

1. Energy efficiency: New windows can help improve insulation, reducing energy loss and lowering heating and cooling costs.
2. Improved comfort: Upgraded windows can minimize drafts and temperature fluctuations inside your home.
3. Noise reduction: Modern windows with better insulation can help reduce noise from outside, creating a quieter indoor environment.
4. Enhanced curb appeal: Replacing old, worn-out windows can give your home a fresh, updated look.
5. Increased home value: New windows are a desirable feature for potential buyers, potentially increasing the resale value of your property.
6. Easier maintenance: Many newer windows are designed with features that make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
7. UV protection: Upgraded windows often have protective coatings that help block harmful UV rays, protecting your furnishings from fading.
8. Improved security: Newer windows often come with advanced locking mechanisms and reinforced frames, enhancing the security of your home.
9. Better ventilation: Upgraded windows may offer improved ventilation options, allowing you to enjoy fresh air more easily.
10. Peace of mind: Investing in high-quality replacement windows can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a secure, efficient, and visually appealing home.

We hope these reasons help you in making your decision! Let us know if there’s anything we can assist you with.


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